Seamlessly visualize your Asana data in any BI tool

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Hosting options

Hosted by us, or on your in house server (with the Enterprise plan).


Real time updates except when Asana's API limits won't allow it - very rare with their generous limits.

Easy to set up

Very easy setup that takes less than 30 seconds for a team/workspace with 50 projects.

Customizations Available

Need the data structured differently? We can do it. Get in touch.

Regular use
15 minute potential delay
Email support
Enterprise use
15 minute potential delay
Email support
Hosted or self hosted
Custom data structure

Frequently asked questions

How it works?

We will maintain a postgreSQL database with all your Asana data, updated in close to real-time. Almost every BI tool allows its users to add a PostgreSQL database as a data source. We have tested the following : PowerBI, Microsoft Excel, Grafana and Chartio.
Not sure if your current BI tool is supported? Contact us and we'll find out together!

What happens to my data if I close my account?

We delete the data of every inactive account after 7 days since the account was closed or subscription expired.

What is your refund policy?

We keep syncing your data as long as your account is active. Because of that, regardless of how often an account is used, we cannot issue any refunds except in the case of forgotten subscriptions (as long as we're contacted within 24 hours of making the payment).